Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby #3!

Hello all!

Well, I think the happy news has spread, so hopefully no one is caught off guard! :-) Dennis, Aurora, Kyle and I are thrilled to be expecting baby #3 in June of next year. We were being told a due date of June 2nd, but had a huge surprise with the ultrasound tech telling us his guess is about June 11th, which is Curt's (Dennis's brother's) birthday! It is also just 3 days before Aurora's 7th birthday.

Today was our first ultrasound, and it was thrilled to be able to see the baby's heartbeat. It is currently at 125 beats per minute. If you follow the old wive's tale about heart rate and gender, that would mean we are having a baby girl. We are also having a girl according to the Chinese calendar, but we are planning to wait to June to find out!

I have been very exhausted, but otherwise feeling really great. I have nausea almost around the clock at this point, so when I feel hungry, I just make sure I eat. It seems I am developing an aversion to pasta, of all things, and have a craving for red meat . . . which has been a difficult adjustment, as we try to NOT eat too much red meat as a family.

This week has been very busy, as catalog changes are due for my department, and as department chair, it is my responsibility to have ours in. Aurora has also been very ill, and I have been home trying to take care of her while trying to make sure I do not catch the bug she has. Catching the flu at this stage could be very dangerous, both for myself and for the baby. I have tried to avoid public places as much as possible, and have been washing hands frequently. We are being told, at this point, that the swine flu vaccine will be here at the beginning of November. I DID get my flu shot for the very first time this year, as did Brittani and Dennis. Aurora does get a flu shot because of an egg allergy, and they ran out of the shot that Kyle needs.

I ask for your continued thoughts and prayers for the health of our entire family.
I am going to post pics of our first ultrasound, but since it is so early they are somewhat hard to see. The "dot" in the lower right hand corner is the baby. The OB doctor guesstimates me at about 7-8 weeks, and the ultrasound tech guesstimates me at 6 weeks, 2 days.

I will try to update every other week to let everyone know how things are going!