Monday, October 11, 2010

Zoey is 4 Months!--Exciting Times for the Ziniel Family!

Zoey is growing incredibly fast! I can hardly believe the progress she has made in just one month. She is able to roll both ways, but has only put it all together once. She still has some trouble rolling from her back to her tummy.
She also discovered her feet just last week, and has fallen in love with them! They are one of her favorite things to play with.
She can completely hold her head up on her own and is enjoying sitting at the dinner table in her high chair. She is also able to sit in the exersaucer, but does not go in it yet, because her legs are not long enough to tough the bottom of it!
She also can spend some time sitting on her own with no support! It is amazing to watch.
She had her 4 month visit this afternoon. She is 25 inches long and weighs 13 pounds and 1 ounce. That is almost double her birth weight!
Other exciting news is we purchased a new car! We finally broke down and bought a 2010 Dodge Caravan. I cannot imagine what we did without it. The entire family loves all the space it provides and it is much easier to travel now.
Aurora received wonderful news this week. She went in for a repeat allergy test and shows no allergy to eggs. She has already tried them out! She also shows no allergy to pecans, cashews and almonds! She has a almost non-existent allergy to peanuts, so she will be re-tested for it via a skin test. She is also highly allergic to cats, and we are considering alternate arrangements for Pandora if it is necessary.
Kyle is having a blast at preschool! He is learning many new things, and his language is greatly improved! He is excited for Halloween and dressing up in his Buzz Lightyear costume.
Finally, a special congratulations to my friend Sommer who welcomed an adorable baby boy this past weekend! Welcome to the world Carson! We cannot wait to meet you.