Thursday, January 21, 2010

20 week ultrasound pics!

Well, today was the big day. We had our 20 week visit where we were set to get a 3-D ultrasound AND find out the sex of the baby. Dennis and I were a split decision when we arrived at the clinic, him NOT wanting to know and me WANTING to know. My mom was with, and she wanted to know as well (as did Aurora who came along too).

We spent OVER an hour in ultrasound this morning, while the tech tried to get the baby into a good position for photos . . . and to get the necessary photos (of all the major organs). After an hour had passed, she had me get up and walk around, hoping that would shift the baby. No luck! She was able to get the brain scan, heart, diaphragm, kidneys, bladder, and other major organs. She was not able to get everything wanted, and was not able to tell us the gender at all. I guess Dennis was praying harder than me. :-)

So, in the end, God took the decision out of our hands and made it for us. The doctor does not expect to order another ultrasound at all, so we will not find out until the delivery date.

I am posting the pics that we DID get as well. She was trying to get a good face photo, but every time she focused on the face, the baby would cover his/ her face completely with his/ her hands. It was quite funny to see! We did get a couple of profiles, but you can see in the 1st that he/ she once again started covering his/ her face. The last photo is of the feet . . . kind of hard to see.

The tech was amazed that the baby moved that much. She asked if that was normal for the baby, and I informed her it absolutely was! I said it was like the baby wanted to remind me of his/ her presence 24/7. It is reassuring, but tiring.

The due date was 1 day earlier this time (from the ultrasound), so we are still looking at a June 11th due date . . . and a delivery date during the first week in June. If anyone is wondering, Kyle's birthday party is set for March 7th, and Aurora's will be June 20th. Both birthday parties will be in Valley City. Kyle's will be at the house, Aurora's will be I am sure at Pizza Corner (she would eat there every day if we allowed it).

My mom and Brittani will be throwing a shower for me in April (April SHOWERS . . . well, I thought it was funny), so be on the look out for an invite some time in March!