Sunday, January 23, 2011

7 months . . . plus :)

Well, the holidays caught up with us, and thus no post for a while! AND so much has happened.

We had a wonderful Christmas break. Both of Dennis's brothers were able to make it. Chris lives in Chicago and Curt lives in Liverpool. Curt and Ria (Curt's fiancee) flew in and were able to spend a couple of weeks. They ever got stuck in Fargo for the snow storm!

Aurora continues with Tae Kwon Do and has picked up a private lesson each week. This allows her more personalized time with a trainer, and we have already seen improvements!

Kyle continues with preschool and what a difference it has made. He can sing all of his ABCs (in English and French). He can also spell his own name, mom and dad. He knows that A is for Aurora and Z is for Zoey (and Ziniel). W is for Wiggly, and P is for Panda (also apparently for poop and puke???). His vocabulary has exploded and he loves telling stories.

Zoey is also making leaps and bounds. First, she can stand holding on to things and "cruises" which means she can kind of walk along holding on to the couch. She also does an improvised crawl. This morning she turned around from the couch and stood for a few seconds on her own, until she realized she was standing on her own, got all excited, and fell down. She is eating more solid foods and enjoys cheerios, puffs and mumms as snacks. She is becoming much more independent!

I returned to a fresh new semester, and it has been going wonderfully! I am teaching an Oral Interpretation class, and we are even planning on attending a speech tournament and competing! I am hoping this is a stepping stone to an actual team for next year! I am also teaching a media writing, business writing, and a corporate communication class. All are wonderful, and I could not ask for better students!

Dennis is working full time at John Deere now. Although they did not offer him a true position, they are working out the fine details, and he is simply putting in 40 hours a week until an official offer comes. He has also had several interviews with a variety of places, and we are waiting to hear back on those. In the end, he would like to stay with John Deere, as it is close to home and he loves the company and people he works with!

We had our family photos done yesterday and cannot wait to see the results. We had them taken with a local photographer who is a member of our church and whose daughter attends Aurora's school. She take all of the kids' school photos, and was just wonderful to work with. I will post a link to the photos once I have one! This is our first family photo with Zoey. :)

I hope to write in just a couple more weeks, when Zoey turns 8 months. We will weigh and measure her then!