Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zoey is 2 weeks!

Today Zoey is officially 2 weeks old. It is sometimes hard to believe she has finally arrived, and yet hard to believe life ever existed without her.

She is an absolutely delight to be around. She makes the funniest facest, and is just a very content baby. Aurora and Kyle are the best helpers to mom. Kyle LOVES talking to her and interacting with her. Aurora loves to hold her, swaddle her, and wants a shot at changing diapers even!

Today we visited the doctor for her 2 week visit. She is 7 lbs 10 ozs now, which is almost 1 full pound from her birth weight (and over a pound since we left the hospital). She measured at 20 inches, which is 1/2 inch more than her birth length! She is growing extremely fast!

Aurora will be in the VCACT production of 101 Dalmatians this weekend. She has been working hard at practice almost every night for the past month, and we are excited to see the show! It premieres tomorrow (Thursday) evening and runs through Sunday, when there will be a matinee. Aurora also got to be a part of the Rally in the Valley parade this past weekend and had an absolute blast singing during the parade to promote the play.

Our summer has been slowly slipping away as we attempt to adjust to the new life in the house. It has been a huge adjustment, but we are starting to settle into a routine!

I hope you enjoy the new picture of little Zoey!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Announcing the Arrival of Zoey Elfreda!


I admit this is a little late, and most already know all about Ms. Zoey. In case you have not heard, Zoey Elfreda was born on June 9th at 12:32 p.m. She weighed 6 lbs 13 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long.

The birth itself was a little bit of a surprise. We had "booked" out delivery date months ago as June 8th. THEN I called the evening of the 7th to get my exact time and they informed me I had been moved to the 9th!!! Apparently someone was supposed to have called, but did not! Another VERY LONG day of waiting.

Zoey arrived on the 9th and was just perfect. I could not have asked for a more beautiful baby! She was able to eat immediately with no coaching from mom at all! She knew exactly what to do! The first night she slept almost the entire night and we had to wake her for feedings. We thought maybe she would be a good night sleeper, but she showed us the next night :-)

We came home on the 11th after 2 nights in the hospital. The bed was uncomfortable (both mine and Dennis's), the room was cramped, and the shower was not ideal. We were glad to return home!

Perhaps her name was a surprise to many, as it was to us. We had decided on the name Trinity MANY months ago, but sometime in may Dennis and I was discussing other names. I just did not "feel" like she was Trinity, and we discussed "Z" names since our first was an "A" name, making the last a "Z". Zoey was a name that stood out and struck us both, and we decided to meet her to make the final decision. When we saw her we both just knew she was Zoey. Elfreda was the Dennis's grandmother's name, and we know she would be honored to share it with Zoey. Now I just need to find something to do with all this stuff I purchased with the initial "T". :-)

Waiting for us at home was Aurora, Kyle, Brittani, and Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Linda. What an extra treat that they were able to make it into town for her birth (and Aurora's birthday party). They were such a wonderful help while we were in the hospital, and assisted in helping the entire family to adjust to this new life.

What a wonderful addition it has been. As I type, Wiggly is keeping watch next to Zoey's bassinet. He is very protective of both her and me. Panda has not taken a real interest. The kids just adore her. Kyle is especially smitten with his new baby sister. He likes to tickle her feet while she is eating. Aurora has been a huge help with putting lotion on her, helping with diapers, and holding her when she has help from an adult.

We are very blessed to have Brittani helping as well. She has gone over and above to assist with anything and everything, especially in caring for Aurora and Kyle. She loves loves loves her new little niece!

What is perhaps most amazing is that Zoey is already growing so fast! Things that we loose on her at the hospital are starting now to fit! It is just incredible! She is also growing more alert and interested in the world every day. Today is the first day we were able to successfully able to get her to sleep in any place other than in our arms and a welcome break it is! I still miss holding her, but it is nice to have my hands free for an hour or so!

Today is Aurora's 7th birthday and I am reminded that 7 years ago today I first became a mom! Being a mom has been the single most amazing thing I have gotten to experience in my life, and I feel blessed to have 3 incredible kids!

I hope to post more information and pictures later tonight! We will do a "weigh in" every week to let everyone know how much Zoey has grown.