Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Hospital Trip

Hello all!

Just a quick update on a hectic day yesterday. At 2 a.m. I woke up with pains in my lower abdomen. After being up for 2 hours with the pain, I did what any reasonable pregnant person would do, I took a Tylenol PM (approved by the doc) and went back to bed. :-) I woke up with the same pains, and did not think anything of it. I thought it was stomach pain. The pain did not feel like a normal contraction. It would start in my lower abdomen and then shoot up my back. In a million years, I would not have guessed that is what back labor would feel like.

After being up for an hour, I called the doc as the pains seemed to be coming at consistent intervals (20-25 minutes apart). The suggested I come in. It turns out they were contractions. Because they were not increasing in speed, they sent me home after about 4-5 hours of observation.

This morning, they seem to have subsided. I am on bed rest today, and to return to "light" activity through the weekend.

So, a scray day, but the nurse said it was best I came in. And this way I know when these types of pains start again, to start counting the minutes between immediately.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Well today marks the beginning of the third trimester! Wahoo.

Nothing too new to report. We had our monthly OB visit, and thank goodness we will not go to visits every 2 weeks until AFTER April, and hopefully AFTER finals in May.

The baby is measuring almost perfectly, and the heartbeat was at 154. I lost a little more weight, and was showing signs of dehydration, but I have been battling a cold and they are not too worried. I think this pregnancy will go down as a weight loss plan like no other :-)

We are getting excited to actually meet him or her! We will be completely decorating the nursery in April, just in case he/ she arrives a little early (but again, not until after finals :-)). We are going with a star/ moon/ planets theme, and although I do not like all the BLUE, I am hoping to buy more PINK stuff if we have a girl. It is hard to plan everything without knowing, but it is also the really fun part.

My mom and Heather (my cousin) will be throwing a shower for me on April 18th in Fargo. Heather is sending out invitations this week. If you are local, or will be in town, and do not receive one, please let me know and I will get one out to you! I tried to include everyone on my list I could think of, but my brain power the past couple of weeks has been low.

This past month has brought a nasty cold to our home, but thank goodness almost everyone is over it. :-) Aurora has been VERY busy. I posted a link to her "special" show a couple of weeks ago, and we look forward to her final performance in April. She is also gearing up to test for her yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. Kyle had a wonderful 3rd birthday party! We had a great time, and were happy for all of the friends and family that were able to make it. Aurora's party will be in June, but we have not set a permanent date. :-) She wants to have it at the local hotel pool, but we shall see.

I hope everyone is having a lovely beginning to Spring. We are thankful that we have not had any problems with flooding yet. We are praying for all those in Fargo/ Moorhead!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Aurora's Dance Show

Aurora had a special dance show to celebrate the high school dance team's win at state. They did not have much time to practice, but I think they did very well! Mom forgot to press "record" until about 1/2 way through . . . :-)