Thursday, February 25, 2010

24 weeks (well, 25 weeks now) and counting!

Today was our 24 week visit, which came just a little late. I was ill with the flu at the beginning of the week, and was unable to make my first appointment.

The appointment was your normal "belly check". The baby's heart rate was 152. The baby is now large enough that if you watch my belly, you can often see it kick. I read in a magazine that you can HEAR the heartbeat if you listen close enough, but so far we have not had luck with that. This was also the week for our gestational diabetes test . . . which was LONG, but came back just fine. :-)

We are very excited to be getting ready for Kyle's third birthday! It will be a "Thomas" affair and should be tons of fun! Kyle has been practicing singing "Happy Birthday" all week.

This week Aurora and I started our preparations for our Mother/ Daughter----Central States Communication Association Conference---trip to Cincinnati in April. Aurora is very excited to go on a plane. This will not be her first plane ride, but she cannot remember being on one before, so it is almost like her first time. She also does not remember being to Cincinnati before either. We are only there a few days, and are spending much of the time at the conference, but will have a little time to visit the Aquarium as well as a children's theater production. I was thrilled today to get the "all clear" from the doctor to go.