Friday, May 14, 2010

Week 36--Let the countdown BEGIN!

Well, we have reached week 36, and as the doctor said at my recent appointment, the baby could come any day now . . . but we are hoping to wait until June. :-)

We have had a VERY busy week at the Ziniel house!

Aurora had yellow belt testing on Thursday. She did not break her board, but she gave it a great try. Only one person in her class succeeded in the board breaking! She will be ready next time testing comes around.

Aurora also auditioned for her first real play (non-school) Friday. She auditioned for a local theater for 101 Dalmatians. The play will be this summer, which should be busy as she is also planning on Tae Kwon Do once a week, as well as swimming.

This week is finals week for us at the college. It has been stressful for everyone . . . and I am the only one with work left, of course. I am thankful that the baby held out long enough for me to see the end of senior portfolios as well as grading . . . which I hope will be completed this weekend.

Our 36 week visit went pretty normally. The baby is doing well with a heart beat of 152. Dennis could not make it, as Brittani had a morning final during that time and he had to drop Aurora at school. So, my mom came with me. She had the honor this time of sitting for over a hour to be told everything looked great. :-)

We have the nursery completed, and will post pics soon! Our next appointment is the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. At first I thought this was bad timing on my part, but as Dennis pointed out--it is not like we can go anywhere. Until then!

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