Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zoey is 2 weeks!

Today Zoey is officially 2 weeks old. It is sometimes hard to believe she has finally arrived, and yet hard to believe life ever existed without her.

She is an absolutely delight to be around. She makes the funniest facest, and is just a very content baby. Aurora and Kyle are the best helpers to mom. Kyle LOVES talking to her and interacting with her. Aurora loves to hold her, swaddle her, and wants a shot at changing diapers even!

Today we visited the doctor for her 2 week visit. She is 7 lbs 10 ozs now, which is almost 1 full pound from her birth weight (and over a pound since we left the hospital). She measured at 20 inches, which is 1/2 inch more than her birth length! She is growing extremely fast!

Aurora will be in the VCACT production of 101 Dalmatians this weekend. She has been working hard at practice almost every night for the past month, and we are excited to see the show! It premieres tomorrow (Thursday) evening and runs through Sunday, when there will be a matinee. Aurora also got to be a part of the Rally in the Valley parade this past weekend and had an absolute blast singing during the parade to promote the play.

Our summer has been slowly slipping away as we attempt to adjust to the new life in the house. It has been a huge adjustment, but we are starting to settle into a routine!

I hope you enjoy the new picture of little Zoey!

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