Friday, September 10, 2010

Zoey is 3 months!


I can hardly believe that Zoey is already 3 months old! She is growing so fast, and is just advancing so quickly. Yesterday she weighed 12 lbs, 10 oz, and was still 23 inches long. That is a whole 2 pounds in the last month! She has moved completely from her 0-3 month clothing, and is into her 3-6 month clothing . . . which is perfect because they are her Fall clothes! It has been very cold lately and we have been having fun with all of her pants outfits!

She has continued to roll over sporadically, but still not consistently. She is getting a lot better at rolling from her back to her belly and is always at least trying to roll to her belly. She also loves to try and scoot around. Sometimes she gets a little traction with her feet and seems surprised that she is moving to new places! She can lift herself entirely on her front arms and LOVES to stand! She also loves to sit in her bumbo and her high chair.

For the rest of the family, it has been a busy time! Aurora started 2nd grade and loves it. We are back on our regular Tae Kwon Doe schedule, and she has a performance at the VCSU football game next weekend.

Kyle started preschool and goes twice a week! He loves getting to play with the other kids and I can already tell that his vocabulary and speech are improving. We are proud to say that he is fully potty trained and loves wearing his big boy underwear.

We hope everyone is enjoying the Fall weather because it feels like winter will start any day now!

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