Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Names!

Merry belated Christmas!

The Ziniels had a wonderful Christmas, but we could have done without all of the snow. We had to cancel our early Christmas plans to Mandan, as the storm started approaching. Then, we got stuck for a short time in Fargo. When we returned home, we were unable to get up the road to our home as the road was unplowed, so 4 men pushed the car back to the neighbor's house where we parked and walked over to our own home. We were finally able to park in our own driveway after the snow plow came yesterday, but still have much shoveling to do (we got about 20 inches during 3 days). The driveway has huge snow drifts that Dennis has been slowly working away at.

Our big news for this week is we have decided on the names for the baby! After much discussion of possibilities, our choices are:

Girl: Trinity Elfreda (because she would be the third child, and Elfreda was Dennis's grandmother's name)
Boy: Rand Edward (After Dennis's 2 uncles, Randy and Edward)

We will be having the 3D imaging ultrasound in a couple of weeks, so more pics to come. We are not finding out the gender though, so you will need to be surprised with us in June!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!
Jonna and Dennis

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