Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Update

Today was our 16 week visit. Nothing too exciting. The doctor is hoping to have me off of the drug I am currently on by the end of this week, fingers crossed :-)

We got to hear the baby's heart beat, which was a fast 151. Old wive's tales say a heart beat over 140 is a girl.

The baby sounded healthy, and it was hard to hear the heart beat at times because he/ she moves A LOT. I have felt much kicking, and at night the baby gets upset if I lay on my right side and tries to maneuver right under my ribs! OUCH! Dennis has not gotten a chance to feel the kicks yet, but the doctor said he should be able to VERY SOON. He was surprised I could feel the movement, until he put the heart monitor on, and then everything became clear. He said the baby was a little "mover", which we saw even in the ultrasound last month.

Dennis and I have chosen a girl's name, but are still up in the air about a boy's name. We would be able to find out the gender at our next visit (our 20 week visit), but have decided to wait.

Things are slowly winding down for the semester, and we hope the next few weeks will allow me to rest, relax, and WRITE :-)

Have a wonderful holiday!

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