Sunday, December 6, 2009

New pics!

Sorry for such a late update! With the holidays and finals fast approaching, it has been a very busy time for our family.

On the 24th, we had our OB appointment. It was very exciting! I was not expecting much, but the baby sure put on a show for the ultrasound. At first, all I could see was the feet kicking around, but the doctor moved the baby a little, and the baby was kicking and waving to us! It was an incredible experience. Sorry the pics are not the greatest. My scanner is not hooked up, so I took pictures of the ultrasound pics.

Other exciting developments . . . well, I have been very ill this week and was switched to a medication with a sedative. This is what occurred with Aurora as well, and we were expecting the switch if I was not better for my next appointment (in about 2 weeks). However, my body started to show signs that I have a growing lesion/ hole in my esophagus, and so the switch was made sooner. They are hoping this new medication will curtail all illness, and that it is just a matter of a couple of weeks before I start to feel better.

We have a big week ahead with Aurora's dance show as well as her program for school. She already had her testing for Tae Kwon Do and now is a yellow stripe belt.

My Christmas cards should be arriving soon! I hope everyone enjoys a festive holiday!


  1. Oh, Jonna, I hope you feel better!!!

  2. Tell Aurora we are proud of her on receiving her yellow strip belt!